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Jesse Kirkpatrick

Assistant Director
Kirkpatrick Photo

Areas of Specialization

Political philosophy, moral philosophy, the ethics of peace and war, human rights


Jesse Kirkpatrick is Assistant Director for the Institute. He received his Ph.D. from the University of Maryland and specializes in political and moral philosophy, with an emphasis on the just war tradition, emerging technologies, and human rights. Prior to joining IPPP, Jesse was an Assistant Professor at Radford University and a Researchl Fellow at the US Naval Academy's Stockdale Center for Ethical Leadership. Jesse also works as a Research Consultant at Johns Hopkins University's Applied Physics Lab. 

Recent Activity
Check out the address that Andrew Light and Jesse gave on October 28, 2015 to the National Academy of Sciences' Committee on Gene Drive Research in Non-Human Organisms.

Read Jesse's op-ed on ethics and autonomous cars or listen to his interview on the JonMcComb Show.