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Mark Sagoff | Andrew Light

Mark Sagoff

"Values and Public Life." Opening plenary of the Advancing Publicly Engaged Philosophy Converence. Center for American Progress, Washington, DC. October 6, 2011.


"The Twin Failures of Ecological and Environmental Economics." Conference on Modernizing Liberalism. Breakthrough Institute, San Francisco. June 17 - 19, 2011.


"Native vs. Non-Native." In Paying the Bill for Invasive Species, by Pierre Kattar. VJMovement. March, 2011.

Andrew Light

Testimony before US Congress on EPA's foreign grant recipients. September 11, 2012.


"Finding a Future for Climate Ethics." Environmental Humanities Project. Stanford University. October 31, 2011. [Video available soon]

"A Conversation between Andrew Light and Johnathan Moreno on Moreno's new book The Body Politic:  The Battle Over Science in America." Center for American Progress. October 21, 2011. [Video]

"Sustainable Climate Ethics -- Moving from Mitigation to International Finance." Environmental Studies Colloquium. University of Colorado at Boulder. September 7, 2011. [Video available soon]

"International Climate Ethics in a Time of Uncertain Climate Policy." Boston Colloquium on the Philosophy of Science. Boston University. April 15, 2011. [Video]

"American Climate Politics:  Threat or Role Model." Cogito Green Foundation. Stockholm, Sweden.  March 9, 2011. [Video]

"Getting Ahead of the Curve: Responsible Governance for Geoengineering." In the workshop The Ethics of Geoengineering: Investigating the Challenges of Solar Radiation Management. University of Montana, Missoula. October 18-30, 2010. [Video interview]

Video of the plenary The Ethics of Solar Radiation Management:


"Why the World Needs Climate Action." Global Climate Network roundtable discussion. Center for American Progress, Washington, DC. July 22, 2010.