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Andrew Peterson

Research Fellow

AP-LargeArea of Specialization

Bioethics and Philosophy of Neuroscience


Andrew Peterson's research centres on bioethics and the philosophy of neuroscience, with emphasis on the ethical treatment of individuals with disorders of consciousness. Andrew's research is situated in an interdisciplinary research program entitled, "The Ethics of Neuroimaging After Serious Brain Injury" funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research. This research program investigates questions of informed consent, disclosure of research results, and the ethical conduct of neuroscience research in clinical populations.

Andrew received his PhD in Philosophy from the University of Western Ontario and is a previous recipient of the Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship. He is currently an affiliate member of the Rotman Institute of Philosophy and the Brain and Mind Institute.


Selected Publications

Peterson A (2016) 'Consilience, clinical validation, and global disorders of consciousness'. Neuroscience of Consciousness. Published online first, August 20, 2016. 

Peterson A, Cruse D, Naci L, Weijer C, Owen AM (2015) Risk, diagnostic error, and the clinical science of consciousness. NeuroImage:Clinical; 7: 588-597.

 Weijer C, Peterson A, Webster F, Graham M, Cruse D, Fernández-Espejo D, Gofton T, Gonzalez-Lara LE, Lazosky A, Naci L, Owen AM (2014) Ethics of neuroimaging after serious brain injury. BMC Medical Ethics; 15(41).

Peterson A, Naci L, Weijer C, Cruse D, Fernández-Espejo D, Graham M, Owen AM (2013) Assessing decision making capacity in the behaviorally non-responsive patient with residual covert awareness. AJOB-Neuroscience; 4(4): 3-14.


Selected Media Outreach

"The Open Mind". CBC Radio: Ideas From The Trenches. May 4, 2016

"Portable mind-reader gives voice to locked-in people". The New Scientist. January 29, 2015.



Stephensen M, Peterson A, and Weijer C. Are Organ donors really dead, or just dead enough? Reassessing the Dead-Donor-Rule. (Oral Presentation). Canadian Bioethics Society. Toronto, Canada. May, 2016.


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