Andrew Light Defends the Paris Agreement

Andrew Light, Director of the Institute for Philosophy and Public Policy and one of the lead US negotiators for the Paris Agreement, has been working hard for the last several months to defend it and rally other countries to recommit themselves to combating climate change.

Andrew Light on President Trump's Decision to Pull the U.S. out of the Paris Agreement

Listen to Light discuss Trump's announcement to pull the U.S. out of the Paris Agreement on WNYC, The Marketplace, and To the Point.

Light's reactions to Trump's decision to pull the United States out of the Paris Agreement have also been quoted in: The New York Times, NYT #2, NYT #3Fox Business, CBS, E&E News, E&E #2, Vox, ABC News, The Observer, NYLON, Huffington Post France, South China Morning Post, SCMP #2, PRI, DevexScienceFriday, Mother Jones, Fast Company, FC #2, The Street, The Australian, Times Now, Voice of America, VOA #2The Hugo Weekly, Grist, pppFocus, Calcutta TelegraphDaily Kos, Public Radio International, Think Progress, and the Franciscan Action Network.

Andrew Light on G19 Reaffirmation to the Paris Agreement

In a dramatic answer to the Trump administration’s withdrawal from Paris all other parties of the G20 signed onto the Hamburg Action Plan on Climate and Energy for Growth recommitting themselves to delivering on the Paris Agreement.  Light’s work on the G20 has been quoted in The New York Times, PoliticoBuzzfeed, TIME Magazine, VoxThe Globe and MailInside Climate News, and the Pacific Standard.



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