[VIDEO] Climate Debate Co-Hosted with the Wilson Center

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What will lead us to a safe and sustainable future - strong ethical arguments or pragmatic national interest?

DM,DG,DWTo shed some light on this question, Stephen Gardiner, a philosophy professor at the University of Washington, and David Weisbach, a law professor at the University of Chicago, take up two sides of this debate in the new book, Debating Climate EthicsIntroductory remarks were made by David Morrow, Visiting Fellow at GMU's Institute for Philosophy and Public Policy.

A panel of experts joined Weisbach and Gardiner to provide further thought on whether ethics and practicality can exist in the context of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. They noted that actual climate policy as negotiated via the UNFCCC is an approach that mixes both considerations.

Wilson Center Event Panelists

Panelists & Speakers

Roger-Mark De Souza

Andrew Light - Moderator 

David Waskow

Alyssa Bernstein

Gwynne Taraska 


Photo Credit: Environmental Change and Security Program

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