IPPP Director, Andrew Light, gives the Annual Rotman Lecture at the Rotman Institute of Philosophy about what has happened after the Paris Agreement in December 2015. 

Research fellow, Andrew Peterson, is also an affiliate member of the Rotman Institute of Philosophy
This video tells the story of ethics in cluster randomized trials to highlight the important work done by the Rotman Institute of Philosophy. Enjoy!


Learn about new research fellow, Andrew Peterson's, research area in this fun animation!


Jesse Kirkpatrick joins Brad Sams, Jason Howell, and Megan Morrone to talk about the ethical factors in autonomous vehicles.
Full episode available at
IPPP Co-Hosts event with the Wilson Center 
"Climate Policy and Climate Ethics: A Debate on Justice and Our Global Future" (June 15, 2016)


Jesse Kirkpatrick & Andrew Light at The National Academies of Science, Engineering, and Medicine
"Do Gene Drives Present Novel Ethical Considerations?" (October 2015) 


IPPP Director Andrew Light Testifies before U.S. Congress on EPA's Foreign Grant Recipients (September 2012) 

Event Sponsored by IPPP and American Progress 
"Values and Public Life" Opening Plenary to "Advancing Publicly Engaged Philosophy" (October 8, 2011)



IPPP Director, Andrew Light discusses the potential for setting a carbon price in the U.S. on The Marketplace.


Jesse Kirkpatrick discusses the "Ethical Decisions About Automated Cars" on - The Jon McComb Show (Oct 25, 2016)


Andrew Light discusses Canada's carbon pricing with Marketplace (July 19, 2016)
Full Article Here


IPPP Co-Hosts Panel Discussion with the Mercatus Center
"Driverless (Autonomous) Cars: The Ethical, Legal, and Public Policy Implications" (April 27, 2016)


Photo Album

Event Co-Hosted with the Wilson Center on the climate change debate. (June 15, 2016) Flicker Album
06152016_ClimateEthicsPolicyDebate06152016_ClimateEthicsPolicyDebate06152016_ClimateEthicsPolicyDebate06152016_ClimateEthicsPolicyDebate06152016_ClimateEthicsPolicyDebate06152016_ClimateEthicsPolicyDebate 06152016_ClimateEthicsPolicyDebate06152016_ClimateEthicsPolicyDebate06152016_ClimateEthicsPolicyDebate06152016_ClimateEthicsPolicyDebate
                                                                      Photo Credit: Environmental Change and Security Program



 May 2014 Event

A Symposium with President Angel Cabrera and Secretary of Natural Resources Molly Ward (May 19, 2014)


May 2014 Workshop

Workshop: Values in Science and Science Policy (May 23, 2014)




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