Sarah Welch Denton

Research Fellow


Area of Specialization

Bioethics, end-of-life decision-making, and neuroethics.


Sarah received her undergraduate degree from Emory & Henry College with a B.A. in Philosophy and Political Science. Before graduation, she completed an interdisciplinary project titled "Reconciliation: Morality and Health Care in the United States".

Currently, she is working toward her M.A. in Philosophy at George Mason University. Her primary interests of study revolve around bioethics, end-of-life decision-making, and the intersections between philosophy, ethics, and neuroscience.

Sarah's role with the institute includes web design, general support in sponsored program activity, such as administration and aiding in the procurement of prospective funding opportunities.

She serves as the Project Assistant for IPPP's project, Coming Home: Dialogues on the Moral, Psychological, and Spiritual Impacts of War, which is an NEH-supported program engaging U.S. veterans in dialogue on the impacts of war on the warrior.   


Research Projects

Captagon and Human Enhancement: 

Sarah W. Denton, Jesse L. Kirkpatrick, and Nadine Kabbani explore the ethical implications of Captagon use in young adults involved in the Syrian conflict by first examining the historical usage of drugs in war. Based on considerations of the ethical implications pertaining to the use of cognitive enhancers and addictive stimulants, we examine how the re-emergence of the use and production of this drug may contribute to factors fueling the Syrian conflict and ISIS-associated international terrorism. 

"War and Terrorism," Human, Transhuman, Posthuman: Emerging Technologies and the Boundaries of Homo Sapiens (forthcoming) 

This chapter, co-authored with Jesse L. Kirkpatrick, describes the implications of bioenhancement technologies for military policy and international security.  It describes the principal forms of weaponry that are likely to characterize the mid-21st century and the challenges that such new weapons are likely to pose.

Upcoming Presentations

"Ethical Considerations for the Growing Use and Addictive Properties of Captagon in the Middle East," International Neuroethics Society 2016 Annual Meeting, November 10-11; San Diego, CA 

Scholarship | Awards

2015-2016 Alexandria Scottish Rite Masons Scholarship

2016-2017 GMU College of Humanities and Social Science Dean's Challenge Fellowship



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